Decoding the Problem and finding solutions

Techniques Used
Interviews, 24hr Shadowing
RT3,4,5,6, Questionnaire, Industry Opinions
Primary Market for Research and Solution
Republic of India
Understanding the Basics and Terminologies
Before starting out it was important for me to at least have a basic know-how of all the relevant important terms and concepts of the domain(finance) I'm targeting. Some important ones are highlighted below:
Core Domains Targetted
and why did I?
Income Levels 
Income levels of citizens, Government and business. Trying to spur a sustained circular growth economy with rising income levels or rising of healthy profits. 

Higher Purchasing power
Targetting citizens, achieving a higher standard of living in a short time. An increase in purchasing capacity is also sustainable and helps assist growth.
How I arrived at Targetted Domains?
In my quest to find the real problem and the stakeholders whose problems I feel need to be addressed the most. I stumbled upon many facts and arguments that led me to decide which are the target Areas I'm addressing. Below are the techniques I used to collect my Data.  
How the chosen domain can help achieve Project Objectives?
The core project principle is to have a sustainable solution. Creation of a circular system that makes sure money generation is invested back and efficiency is ever increasing.
Why the specific domains were chosen?
Because several data points showed the urgency to increase the Purchasing power of citizens of Developing Country
Who are my Primary Stakeholders?
There are innumerous parties that contribute to the economic growth of any nation. And each party can be further declassified into groups. And each group has further classification from where they belong, their income habits and culture-dependent behavioural aspects.
where do most of the wealth is being spent on?
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Why wealth is being spent and created in such a way especially in India?
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What could Be the possible Interventions With Consequences?
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